Tuesday, December 1, 2009

14 Days of Sex Positions

Rock his world for Valentines Day this year. Begin your celebration February 1st and have your way with him every day for 14 days. Each day, you will find a new sex position and sexy variations to play around with. This is sure to be a Valentine’s Day celebration he will never forget!

Day 1 - Connecting Emotionally
Get into missionary position with the your legs wrapped high around his back. Your man leans over to one side with his elbow supporting him, the other is free to hold you or caress you. Your body leans slightly with his. One of your shoulders comes up and the same hip follows his to the side. That position, halfway between being on your back and being on your side, facilitates very intimate lovemaking.

Day 2 - Animal Love
Experiment with versions of the classic doggie style by repositioning the angles of your hips and torso. Try rocking your hips up or down, spreading your legs wide or bringing them in between his and closing your thighs tight. You can bring your hips forward into more of a push-up position or push back into him. He could stay upright or sit down on his feet, bringing you with him.

Next, experiment with letting your chest fall to the bed or coming upright to stand up on your knees. From there, reach back and around his neck or grab onto his thighs, even lean forward and support yourself on the wall.

For the last (but certainly not least) animal love position, slide to the edge of the bed and have your guy stand on the floor behind you. Slide your knees in or out to level your hips with his.

Day 3 - Flat Out
Lie down flat on your tummy and have him lie on top of you. There isn’t much you can do in this position other than rocking your hips one way or the other; it is all up to him. You may be wondering where the fun is in that, but let me tell you, your lack of control is part of the thrill. You’ve got to just let your partner work his magic. It’s the perfect position for him to caress your legs, cheeks, back, neck, and arms. He can kiss and nibble on your neck to his hearts content.

Day 4 - Bedroom Acrobatics
Today is the day to get crazy. This is the position that makes the Love Swing worth buying, but hey, if you’ve got a regular swing and can use it without being reported for public indecency, then go ahead and use it! Without the support, things can get a little tricky, but there are definitely some fun options for you.

Envision yourself as a wheelbarrow. You are face down with your hands on the floor and your lover is standing behind you. In the swing, it’s effortless to strap yourself in and fall forward to let your legs fly up behind you. He can hold your legs out to the side from underneath or let the leg straps do the work and grab onto your hips. You can wrap your legs around his back as well.

If you are trying this without the support of a swing, it may be easier for your man to be on his knees and you on your forearms, but even then, it could be quite a challenge. To achieve a similar effect, stack pillows or use a Liberator Wedge placed at the edge of a bed to support your body into a position much like the Downward Facing Dog yoga pose, with your chest resting on the bed instead of your hands on the floor, making it much less awkward for your man to hold up your bottom half.

Day 5 - Quite Clitoral
Today is the day to play around on top. While you are on top, see how it feels to move your hips in different ways. Slide forward and back (back to center or beyond, as long as it is comfortable for you both) without lifting yourself off of his body at all. Try this sitting up with your torso at varying degrees and feel the difference. You can also lay down fully onto your partner’s chest and rock your hips forward and back (which makes an up and down motion on him).

Experiment with the placement of your legs as well. See how it feels to have them alongside your lover’s hips. Then, tuck your toes under his thighs and have him close his legs all the way. Try tucking your toes under your bum, on top of his thighs.

Another position is to bring your legs forward instead of folded underneath you. Your lover can try a few tricks of his own with you on top. He can raise his torso up slightly or all the way, he can open or close his legs, and he can squeeze his bum and press into you. If he sits up all the way, try wrapping your legs around his back for a whole new experience. Hold him close or lean back with the support of his arms.

If you are still looking for more, flip around into a reverse cowgirl position. You are still sitting on top, but you are facing his feet instead! In this position, you can lean back to let him wrap his arms around your body. This way, he can explore you with his hands, but he can't see what he's touching!

Day 6 - Standing Ovation
There are so many creative ways to make love standing up, but depending on his size and how your bodies fit together, some are better than others. Your man can come from behind while you lean forward to brace yourself against a wall (most anyone can achieve this one) or he can use his body to press you flat against the wall (takes a little more finesse), or you could bend all the way over so you are supporting yourself with your hands on the floor (this one could hurt if he’s really very well-endowed).

You can also turn face to face (aligning your bodies with a stool if necessary) and hold each other close (only for the well-endowed). Part your legs far enough for penetration and then close them again for maximum clitoral stimulation. Stay close or hold onto each other for balance and lean your torsos away from each other. The range of movement is limited, but smaller tantric movements like this one can be incredibly intimate.

Day 7 - Bend Over Backwards
You kneel, then sit on your feet and lie back onto the floor, allowing your thighs to spread. He climbs on top of you, holding your arms high above your head. Depending on how your bodies align, he’s got the option of being between your things, over you like a push-up position, or straddling you. He can kiss and nibble on your shoulders, chest and arms in this position with ease. While this position might take some effort to stay in, it is more than worth the work. Your breasts are taut, your clitoris is exposed, and you are really quite at his mercy, making it extra hot!

Day 8 - Tender Times
Make love in the spooning position for a passionate and intimate connection. You each have a free arm to caress each other with. Reach up and around his neck for a super sexy kiss. You can easily maneuver into variations of this position by wrapping your top leg over and around his or rolling slightly onto your tummy and your man reaching over you to support himself with his hand on the bed near your shoulder.

Day 9 - Anywhere, Anytime
Hop up on a kitchen counter, on the washing machine, his/your desk at the office, or even the hood of your car. Call your man over, wrap your legs around him, and go to town. If he’s strong enough to do it without being awkward, he can lift you from your seated position and hold you up against a wall for a little variation.

Day 10 - The Quest of the O
For optimal G-Spot stimulation, try this on for size. Get your guy to stand next to the bed. You lie on your back with your bum at the very edge. Use a Liberator wedge or a stack of pillows underneath you to prop your hips up. Doing so will your hips to meet without him having to crouch, but more importantly, it tilts your pelvis into a position that is perfect for G-spot stimulation. You can wrap your legs around him, rest them on his shoulders or chest, or he can hold them up for you. He can grip your hips and bring you to him or use his hands to caress and play with your body.

Day 11 - Trading Places
It’s time to try a reverse missionary position. Your man lies on his back with his legs parted. You lie on top of him in between his legs. Open your thighs enough to allow penetration, and then close them again to grip him tightly. Pump just like he would in a traditional missionary position. You won’t believe the increased stimulation you will feel, not to mention the excitement of trading places!

Day 12 - Have a Seat
Get into traditional doggie style position, but then have your man sit up and back on his knees. Let your hips come back with him. Then, find which torso position you like best. Keep your chest down on the bed, push up to your hands, or sit all the way up with your back against his chest. In that last position, you can kiss each other and caress each other, making it one of those silver screen sex positions you always wanted to experience.

Day 13 - Classic and Fantastic
The missionary position is always nice, but today, you’ll be mixing things up a bit. First, try letting your legs rest flat in a spread eagle position on the bed. Then, bring your knees up, feet flat on the bed. You can thrust your hips up off of the bed to meet him. Next, lower your hips back down to the bed and wrap your legs around him. Experiment with sliding your feet up and down the inside of his legs for a little different stimulation.

Next, try raising your legs up off the bed into a variety of positions. Wrap them around his waist, locking your ankles to allow you a point of leverage to join in his movement. Extend your legs straight out to the side. Try resting one or both of your legs on his shoulders. He can stay lying on top of you, come slightly up to support himself with his arm on the bed or wall behind you.

He could sit back on his knees, holding you up by gripping your thighs against his chest. From there, you can let your legs bend and slide down to his side or bring your knees together with your feet flat on his chest. Experiment here with where your hips are. Feel the difference when you lift them up and slide a pillow underneath you as opposed to resting your back flat on the bed. Have your guy lean forward and push your knees into your chest for a whole new experience! Each variation of the missionary position offers a great new sensation for the both of you.

Day 14 - Blow His Mind
Surprise your lover with today’s position that is just for him. Sit him in a chair, on the couch, or on a seat in the shower and tell him to lean back and enjoy. Start him off with a little oral action, but stop before he gets too excited, take a break. Slide your body up to where you are chest to chest. Kiss him all over, teasing him as you go and then slide your bare skin back down to finish him off. If you just can’t help it, go ahead and climb onto his lap, facing front or back, doing all the work for him.

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