Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The ancient art of lovemaking. The incredible positions of kama sutra or karma sutera have been handed down through generations. Here are some photos of kama sutra.

These photos are snitched from kstang A Pathetic Attempt at karma sutra who in turn snitched them from some Turkish company manufacturing jeans. I tried hunting for the original website to give proper credit but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to locate it.

Karma sutra sounds as old as religious relics. It also sounds as innocent as silk and cocoon. (sutera means silk in Bahasa Malaysia) LOL.

So what exactly is karma sutra, other than the sexual connotations we have in our dirty little mind?

is an ancient Indian text on human sexual behavior, widely considered to be the standard work on love in Sanskrit literature. The text was composed by Vatsyayana, as a brief summary of various earlier works belonging to a tradition known generically as Kama Shastra, the science of love. Kama is literally desire. Sutra signfies a thread, or discourse threaded on a series of aphorisms. Sutra was a standard term for a technical text, thus also the Yogasutram of Patanjali. The text is originally known as Vatsyayana Kamasutram (”Vatsyayana’s Aphorisms on Love”). Tradition holds that the author was a celibate scholar. He is believed to have lived sometime between the 1st to 6th centuries AD, probably during the great cultural flowering of the Gupta period.

source wikipedia

Whoa!!!! That’s a mighty long history and mouthful of names to remember. Heck, it is so ancient, I think the parts are all rusty and mouldy. LOL. But it is nice to know that our great-great-great-great-great-great (enough greats yet?) have been very innovative back then, in their loin clothes, I suppose.

The splitting of the bamboo, the butterfly flick and the mare’s position are much more fun names to remember.

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