Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sex during pregnancy

In normal case, sex is safe during all stages of pregnancy. The baby in the womb will remain safely protected by the amniotic sac and will be completely secure within the muscles of the uterus. Thick mucus seals the opening of the cervix and guards the foetus from external infections. The penis will not come into direct contact with the foetus when engaged in sex. However, open communication between the partners is extremely important to ensure a safe and satisfactory sexual relationship during pregnancy. There is no harm in engaging in sex if there is absolutely no pregnancy related complication. Never hesitate to talk to your doctor whether your pregnancy fall under the ‘normal’ section.

However, majority of the expectant mothers does not find sex interesting due to internal hormonal fluctuations. Some avoid sex due to the difficultly posed by their enlarged body. During the later months of pregnancy women will be pre-occupied with thoughts of the impending labour and the thrill of motherhood. Methods of showing intimacy such as kissing, caressing and holding each other will be beneficial, as it will provide mental support to the mother-to-be.

Sex should be strictly avoided if your partner has a history of sexually transmitting diseases. The infection will harm not only the mother but her foetus as well. Doctors will warn you against sexual intercourse if they anticipate any dangerous consequence. It is wise for women with a history of miscarriage or pre-term labour to keep away from sex. Women who suffer from amniotic fluid leakage or unexplained vaginal bleeding also should discard sex during pregnancy. Women who have the threat of Placenta pravia should also keep away from sexual intercourse. Here, the placenta gets lowered and the cervix gets covered. Sex also might be harmful to women who have conceived multiple foetuses. Incompetent cervix is yet another threat that might lead to a miscarriage, if sex is done. It is a condition in which the cervix gets weakened and prematurely opens up.

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